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Yuko Straightening

It has been a myth among women that hair straightening is a costly, tedious and damaging process, but no more is the same myth held true. We introduce you a brand that has been so popular with its hair straightening process that it has now build a patented method of hair straightening in the  United States.

Where women are afraid of damaging their hair while going for hair straightening, YUKO straightening system has a special repair technology that was quite rare enough to be a Japanese beauty technology to be recognized and patented in the United States in an amazingly short span of time.


Yuko is an established brand in the beauty industry since 1996, which boast of giving you a low maintenance, shiny and hassle-free straight hair. Yuko hair straightening will give you the results that you have always wanted. It does not matter how unruly, damaged or curly your hair is, you will get a perfect shiny straight hairs that looks stylish and gorgeous.


Yuko straightening started well in Japan, but its unique and excellent hair straightening concept has brought revolution throughout the world spreading its multiple stores in the United States as well. It is recommended that the Yuko Japanese straightening be done only through the professional stylist.


We list you some of the steps that are carried on during the Yuko hair straightening process:


  • Firstly, the stylist will check your hair in terms of its dryness or damage level. Stylist will then assess the hair type and inquire you about the previous chemical treatment history.
  • Secondly, your hairs will be washed with shampoo and sprayed on the with the appropriate pre-treatment solution that suits your hair type. This pre-treatment solution will prepare your hair with the necessary nutrients that is required for this process.
  • Thirdly, the main step is the processing part. Your hairs will be applied with Yuko Hair Straightening solution that physically changes the internal structure of the hair without causing any damage to it.
  • Fourthly, the solution is rinsed off completely. The stylist will then blow dry and iron the hair to create the straight shape. It must be noted that it is the solution that has physically changed the internal structure of the hair. Giving heat through the flat iron gives your hair a permanent straight shape.
  • Lastly, the straight hair is then again neutralized with the special Yuko conditioner that gives your hair that extra shiny look. The stylist may, as a part of final touch-up, blow dry and iron again so to give you the style as per your requirement to suit your looks.


This whole process of Yuko straightening will take approximately 3 to 4 hours that totally depends upon your hair length, type and damage or dryness level. You can do it at Delray Beach beauty salon. The treated hairs can be washed after 48 hours of this completed treatment. Blow drying your hair after shampooing your hair will keep a check on the straightness of your hair. Rest assured of high quality results, this Yuko solution does not contain any formaldehyde producing chemical or any other cancer causing substances.


Some extra beauty tips that need to be taken after Yuko Japanese straightening includes:

  • Yuko treated hair will remain straight permanently but the new hair will grow as per its natural texture. So, it is recommended to visit the salon and get the Yuko touch-ups every 3 to 5 months so as to maintain that straight and gorgeous look.
  • To keep your hair strands nourished and frizz free, it is important to use Yuko Shampoo and conditioner or the recommended spray by your stylist.


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