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Weft Hair Extensions


There are so many hair extensions that are being created every day. Some of which can be attached to the hair with a special glue, some uses special clips to attach to the hair, while we introduce you to one of the safest, gorgeous and realistic looking hair extension. A weft hair extension is a tried and tested form of extension that provides an easy and natural looking hair style.


Hair weft extensions are basically of three different types and are available in both the forms of natural virgin human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair is generally preferred weft extensions since they are worn for an extended period of time. The types of weft hair extensions are given below:



The most common type of hair extensions weft is that sewn on a machine like that of a special sewing machine to create a string like weft. This strong sewed weft makes the extension to be quite strong and solidly built. Generally the underlying methodology is that the hair is sewn once and then folded to sew it again on top so as to keep the hair steady from sliding out of the weft seam.    

Machine hair extension weft is mostly suitable to everyone, exceptions to those people who have very fine or thin hair. Generally, this kind of extension is thick so it becomes hard to cover the hairs completely for some people.

The most important aspect of these weft hair extensions is that it is quite strong and you can also avail its additional benefit of cutting it from the sides without the need to seal it again, since the wefts are mostly done by attaching the hair close to the scalp and then sewing them in.




This hair weft is similar to machine weft hair extension with the difference that the string like weft is sewed by hand and not by any machine. The fishing line weft as made by the hand is less likely to shed off from its position. Comparatively to machine tied weft hair, this hair extension weft can be worn in by people with thinner or fine hair. Thus, it brings with it the advantage of being thinner and seamless.

The let down point of using this weft hair extension is that it is quite highly priced than the machine weft. Also, these wefts could not be cut and are available only up to a specific length that is needed by the person.   




This is a new technique of hair extensions where the hair is embedded in a tape that is made of polyurethane which resembles your skin color. It is installed by using a special type of adhesive tape. Thus, this extension wont last for quite long as other two hair extensions. Maybe if the tape is more strongly heated and applied it can make it last long maybe for four weeks or so.


While weft hair extensions are strong and durable but it is highly recommended to deep condition it once a week so as to make it last longer. Caring about the hair extension like you do to your actual hair will preserve the quality of your hair extensions. Ultimately, it provides you with a gorgeous look and the feel of your natural hairs.


Weft hair extension can be washed, dried and straightened as per your styling needs. You can even color it yourself just for the sake if you did not find any multi tone hair extensions as per your requirements. Hair extension weft is the best choice that you can make to have a nice and better hair.











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