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Your nail polish color speaks specs about you as a person. There are lots of colors on the market that it is simple to find one that suits your personality. You can try a variety of colors to match your mood. So what are the top nail polish colors? Well this will sure depend on your particular mood, and sure your personality. You will be shocked at how much the color of your nails will reflect on you.

Some colors like green nail polish will cleverly tell someone, “Here is someone who is thrilling to know. “Green is a color that comes in many shades. You can have remarkable dark shades to include mystery and drama to your look. On the other hand you can use lighter shades to bring out the gentler and feminist side of your personality. There is truly a superb variety of mood polish in this particular shade.

Dark matte nail polish will bring out a different train in your personality, perhaps hinting a small strength and mystery of character. These colors are very remarkable and will certainly turn some heads.

Navy blue is one of the colors the celebrities are making popular right now but there are other lovely colors to try. Some people like to use black nail polish while other like to use shellac nail polish, if you have an olive skin character these colors will seem even more exciting. It is vital to apply this kind of nail polish perfectly as due to the shellac colors even the little mistake can be seen.

Trendy polish will tell people that you are attracted in fashion and want to be in with the crowd. You can replace your nail polish according to the time of year what the famous persons are wearing. For instance, matte finishes with navy blue, grey, and white are being worn by the fashion makers this fall. Your nails will not have that charming glance but will seem supernatural at evening events.

Metallic nail polish is also in trend these days. They provide a pretty excel to your nails as opposed to the matte glance. Silver colors are the superlative but bronze, gold, chrome and graphite will make yes turn. These colors have the benefit of going with anything and at the same time including drama to your look.

Sure if you want a traditional “French Manicured” look use pastel and pale colors like pink, white, and clear colors. You can also use peach and apricot. Using the “French manicure” colors will tell others that you are a traditional person who also likes a small western class.

Pick your right nail polish according to your personality and skin tone. Most of these different shades will look best on any skin colors. They important to lovely nails is not only the color you use but how you look after them. So do not forget to keep your nails well and fit manicured. This will look well on you and show off the color of your nails to perfection.

You certainly want to find a best quality nail polish when you are involved in doing nail art. This is because you want a polish that will final and that will be thicker than the polishes that are more affordable made. You will also want colors with best pigmentation so that your design can really look remarkable. If you are using a lower standard polish when doing any nail art, your outcomes may vary greatly and not come out how you were guessing. If you have not experience in nail art, Delray Beach salon will do this job for you.


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Pedicure $30

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