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Men Haircut


Today’s men haircuts are incredibly reminiscent of days gone by. Almost all of the haircut styles men are wearing now have been around for years and years. Even some haircuts worn by famous celebrities are the same ones that men had centuries ago. Now a day, just about every haircut is considered to be okay, but in days gone past society was not forever as tolerant as it is now. No matter what men’s haircut you decide to wear, your haircut shows who you are. The following men’s haircuts are some of the famous men’s haircuts right now.

Men haircut. Delray Beach Beauty salon.


The Fade


This haircut for men is a clipper cut; this is scalp short on the bottom layers and slowly tapered up to a length that will stand up on top. It is very little and very chill in hot climates and also very breeze looking. Others styles like the fade are the “flap top” or “crew cut”. They are generally combed upward and held in a place with a wax, gel or pomade.


The High and Tight


Another men’s clipper cut, it is shaved close to the scalp from the nape to the high area of the head. The remaining hair on top is clipped quite short and tapered downward to get rid of ridge. The high and tight needs to trimmed biweekly or weekly to maintain. It is very famous haircut for men in the law enforcement field and military.


The Shag


Is shoulder length and is cut from the bottom to the high with each layer getting little until it blends into long bangs. The shag generally part itself in the middle, since its layers graduate to the peak. This men haircut has been famous for men and women, since the 1970s.


The Skater Cut


An even layer cut that begins at the eyebrow level and hangs over the ears then rounds the neck nape. It generally has a “grown out” look that swoops to one side. Made famous in the 1960s as the “Beatle Cut, it is one of the most in haircuts men’s style today.


The Caesar


A short cut resembling bowl shape with short bangs and chunky layers. This men’s style has been around for centuries and has adorned numerous famous status. It is also very fashionable among today’s celebrities.


Swept up Style


The Swept up men haircut style is especially famous, and can be found in several different sites. This is a short style with their hair swept up in a range of directions and held up with gel, styling wax or mousse. This is very new look and is very famous with younger men. A famous additional to this look is having the tips highlighted to offer the hair an even more remarkable look.


Very Short men’s hair cuts


Very short men’s hair styles are famous as well. While not quite as little as a bowl cut, these kinds of hairstyles have a small hair left over in order to brush to the back or to the front. Depending on the amount of hair that is left, it can either look hairy or extreme clean cut. This is more old-fashioned look than those that are swept up, and give an amazing alternative to the above.

There are only a few examples of today’s famous haircuts for men. Within these little examples there are lots of varieties, and then past those there are several as well. The globe of hair fashion and care is no longer only a women’s globe, and men’s hair cuts are being paid more focus to than ever


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