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Manicures are an important part of many individual daily and weekly beauty routines. That being said, having too many manicures can destroy the bed of your nail making your natural nails brittle, weak, and discolored. Daily manicures can also cost into 100s if you get one every week or monthly. There have been innovations anyway including UV gel nail polish which permits you a manicure like look for the half the price and half the destroy of traditional acrylic nails.


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It is vital that you first know what UV gel nail polish actually is prior to getting it done. The primary thing that you need to know is that commonly with gel manicures you do not use any nail lengtheners or extensions as with traditional acrylics. Get nail polish is essentially very harsh nail polish that jobs to strength your own nails rather than building up fake nails. This kind of manicure is far less costly than a traditional manicure for several factors; the initial is that it takes a fraction of the time of an old manicure. A shellac manicure at Delray Beach or gel manicure takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour where a daily manicure can get up to 1 hour and 30 minute if done perfectly.

Another factor this is less costly they do not use lots of substances and they extensive than other nail cures. A gel manicure can last for up to 3 weeks with no visible signs of wear as opposed to an old manicure which begins showing grow in about 2 weeks. The refilling procedure is also a bit simple than with acrylic. On top of the advantages mentioned you also have far more choices when it comes to gel color manicure and finish with a gel manicure.


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Not like acrylics, remover of nail polish does not affect the integrity or structure of a gel nail; to get rid of them you need a unique acetone washer that is made to delete gel nails. Because of this you can paint gel manicures without any problem and delete and replace and polish as frequently as you select. On peak of that a gel manicure is much simple on your nails and does fewer problems in both the removal and application procedures. UV light is used to set gel expect of using chemicals or other bad materials to support treatment acrylic.

A gel manicure also known as a manicure shellac because you are just employing the gel shine to support set and make stronger the nail as different to acrylic. A gel manicure or shellac manicure is a remarkable option if you are getting a manicure for the primary time and want to try something only mildly destroying and far less costly than other choices. Must beauty salons carry gel manicure now and you can even purchase at house kits if you feel as though you can handle doing this kind of manicure yourself.

One of the most famous is the French Manicure. In this manicure the tip is white color and the rest of the bed nail is generally a pale pink. The beauty of this trend is its versatility for either daytime or later in the day.

Another stunning approach is the Warm Wax manicure. If you have dry skin this could be perfect thing for you. The real advantage of this is the use of hot paraffin wax into which you dip your hands. The warm wax includes moisture back into your skin leaving them feeling very silky smooth and soft. Another substitute to warm wax is grape seed oil which as equal effect on the hands.


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Manicure $15

French (extra) $5

Gelish $30

Nexgen $35

Soak off $10

Pedicure $30

Express pedi $18

Spa pedi $35

Paraffin treatment $10





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