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Keratin treatment


Keratin treatment is rising in popularity with every passing day. It is but natural that, every person is curious to know, what this keratin complex is.

Our nails, skin, hair and teeth are made of a very powerful protein known as keratin. The amino acids gather to form keratin. These amino acids have special properties. Keratin can be both soft and hard. This quality is keratin is dependent on the amino acid levels. The keratin that we stumble upon everyday is dead. Our nails, hair, skin are composed of dead keratin cells that are discarded by our body on a daily basis to give way to fresh cells. Keratin is a non-dissolving element owing to the attendance of cysteine disulfide in it. This also judges that it can make bridges disulfide.

KERATIN TREATMENT - Delray beachThese bridges disulfide can make a coil shape. Across this form the sulphur particles combine with each other to make a tough matrix that is mysterious. The attention of this disulfide in keratin decides the feature of keratin. It can be soft or tough to kind keratin like your hair and skin. So those who are involved in keratin hair treatment can be positive that it is a natural element.

You will be shocked to learn that keratin is created by Keratinocytes. These are living cells that constitute a big part of your hair, nails, and skin. These cells slowly push themselves upwards. They die and make a protective layer of cells. In case the external keratin layer gets destroyed, your nails, hair and skin will look unfit. If the keratin layer is thick, you will be proud to have fit skin and nails. So you see that keratin is a vital part of your body. Thus keratin treatment is so successful.

Keratin hair treatment is what everyone is buzzing about lately. These treatments are primarily for curly frizzy hair that, keratin will make the straight and silky smooth. If you forever want to get rid of frizz and was not capable to do so, this would be one part kind that you should get.

Best Keratin treatment has keratin particles that your hair is made out off. Once the keratin is used to your hair, it begins bonding with every hair string. In destroyed and dry hair, keratin atoms fill in the destroyed and lost gaps in your hair making them silky and healthy again. This process generally follows up the heat treatment with flat iron that go up to 460 degrees in order to active keratin particles. Generally this process takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes depending on the keratin treatment at salon that you are using. There are many keratin treatment brands that provide somewhat similar results before using these consult with Delray hair salon keratin treatment.

When shopping for Keratin hair treatment, you need to understand about the formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a toxin that is offer in many treatments. FDA has verified some to be as small as 2% of formaldehyde to the present in the product.

After the treatment is done it is extremely vital to maintain your hair with the perfect products. First of all, after the treatment is done, it is advised to not wet or wash your hair for 3 or more days. Keratins after care items share the same properties as treatment. Keratin conditioner and shampoos all have keratin particles and will prolong the silkiness and straightness of your hair for as long as easy. Keratin after care product could be used on any kind of hair. Keratin will revive and repair all destroyed hair regardless of the type.


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