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In terms of “going blonde” with minimal problem to your hair, highlights are the excellent choice.
Highlights are also simple to maintain as they can be permitted to “grow out” for 2-3 months (or longer or shorter if you prefer) without requiring the root re-touched.

This is because highlights only colour part of your hair and are shaped to blend in with your natural colour, so your roots are less visible.

Highlights are also a best choice for those of you with darker hair (dark or black brown) because warmer, honey/golden blonde highlights can be used which will tribute your natural colour.


What are highlights?


Highlights are special way of dying your fair-haired as only chosen sections of your hair are highlighted or dyed blonde which means most of your hair will keeps its actual colour.


Multi-Dimension Highlighting and Pony Tail Style. Boca and Delray Beauty salon

Multi-Dimension Highlighting and Pony Tail Style


Highlights are generally applied at the top and front of your hair, leaving the sections underneath your actual colour (which will be largely hidden by your highlights).

When visiting a highlighting or hair salon your hair at house, there are generally three different options:


Opting for a T-section is probably the most famous choice as it takes less time and is less costly (when having highlights at a salon). Guess you are looking down on your head from above with your nose at the peak. A T-section is like a large letter T with the peak of the T stretching from ear to ear at the face and rest of the T going across the center of your head.

The T-section therefore makes sure blonde exposure at the front of your hair, lining your face and across the peak. If you are wearing your hair down your blonde highlights will truly be shown off and most of your hair will look light-colored.


Half Head


Half head highlights are generally that-half of your hair is highlighted giving more full blonde coverage. The half head highlights generally cover chosen sections of the peak half of your head. They take longer than T-section highlights because more of the hair requires to be highlighted but the full maintenance will be the same approximately 2-3 months before you will need to re-touch your roots.


Full Head


A full head of highlights is generally highlights that cover your complete head. It does not mean all of your hair is highlighted – it only means that chosen sections are highlighted across all of your hair. Having a whole head of highlights does take longer and is more costly.

The prettiness of highlights is that you can switch between the different options (half head, T-section, full head) whenever you like-everything will be blended in. This means on some visits you can opt for only a half head, T-section for a bit more exposure or complete head if you want more full colour.

So if you have no time for your salon visit (or house session) you can opt for T-section, more time and you can go for complete head. If you have no money goes for T-section, more money you can go for full or half head! This makes highlighting your hair a time friendly, versatile and budget friendly way of going blonde!

Armed with these latest facts you should now be capable to walk into Delray upscale beauty salon and know what is being discussed. You should be capable to select the real expert from the dodgy operator. Don’t make the mistake telling them actually what to do, use your idea to spark a more creative solution to your highlight needs.

At the end of the day it is only truly possible to come up with correct answer when armed with all the facts and all the facts have to take into accounts things like the situation of your hair and lifestyle correctness which the hairdresser should be thinking for you. Limits to what can be done need to be clearly described and before any work starts you should have a clear image of what the finished outcome will be. Good luck with getting your top highlight ever!


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