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French Pedicure


When it comes to relaxing and treating your feet, the French pedicure is excellent you can get. It has a relaxing and smooth feeling that leaves your feet with a remarkable look just by using callus removers, luscious lotions, scented scrubs or soaks and hydrating butters. The process is quite easy and not hard in any way. Anyway, it is advised for one to visit a drug store or beauty supply in order to acquire the materials required.

In French pedicure; you soak your feet in Like hot water having a few drops of Epsom salt so as to make them softer and fully delete the old nail polish with the use of cotton bands curved in acetone remover. The second set is to cut the toe nail and in the case, branded clippers will prove you remarkable results. Nevertheless, when cutting nails, ensure you leave about 1/8th of inch.

Filling all rounds the edges will also support in acquiring silky square shaped nails. The feet should then be soaked in a in a bath of aroma oils and sale so as to support loosen the dead skin. Trimming of the dead skin can also be done with the support of cuticle nipper through care should be take reject cutting the toe flesh.


Franch pedicure in Delray Beach Beauty salon Boca


In French toenails pedicures, while nail polished is applied to the tips of nail followed by a clean, pale or pearl colored pink polish over the nails. It is done by polishing a strip of color down the middle of the nail that overlaps with a strip on either side. When you are completed, you should ensure the nails are dry before wearing shoes.

Recently, nail spa like Delray Beach salon has come up all over the places, thought not many people have faced it. It provides pedicure and manicure services. Here you are provided with high quality service. They even get rid of extra hair from your feet by waxing. Along with feet, lower parts of the legs are also manipulated unlike the other pedicure process. You also can be offered wraps and masks for your feet. This provides emotional and physical relaxation to you.

No issue what your preference might be when it comes to the unique kind of treatment, you can find the deluxe you deserve with a manicure. As one of the most options in beauty salons everyplace, the French manicure provides you natural-looking nails that will tribute any look. From unique occasions to daily maintenance, nail treatment can be remarkable way to take a break from your day.

From subtle colors to French tips, you can find many choices that will let you look your best. With the rest of the hand massage and the moisturizing cures, your hands and skin look perfect than ever. When you are ready to include a hint of luxury to your busy day, a Delray Beach salon is a best place to find it. You can not only find there French pedicure or manicure. We also offer lots other beauty options.


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Manicure $15

French (extra) $5

Gelish $30

Nexgen $35

Soak off $10

Pedicure $30

Express pedi $18

Spa pedi $35

Paraffin treatment $10


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