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Clip On Hair Extensions


A hair extension is the idea of adding hair that is not your own onto your own natural hair. There are a variety of techniques for adding a hair extension, including braiding, bonding, weaving, and strand by strand. Some of the ideas are best done by trained hair experts, while others are easy enough for you to do yourself, at house.

They can be fashion and washed which makes a versatile way of getting a fresh look. Hairpieces and hair extensions come in range of hair types – sleek, long straight, curly and wavy; various lengths and textures.

Celebrities have been seen wearing clip in hair extensions and hairpieces for the past few months which have caused this hair accessory to become famous with women of all ages around the globe. One of the most versatile types of hairpieces is the clip on ponytail, which is easy and simple to attach to your own hair pulled back in a knot.

These are available in affordable human as well as synthetic hair which are both completely washable. Hair extensions are a short-term reply to getting a different hair style whether you go for clip hair extensions in Delray salon and have it efficiently linked or put in yourself.

Clip in hair extensions cover a range of applications and techniques. To experience a funky new look without destroying your hair with dyes and chemicals; try a clip in color streaks hair extensions.

You get to make a fun look that is only temporary and you can return to your general style the next day. Try long hair for a day, lowlights or highlights, include some waves or curls – the chances are almost endless. Watch what the celebs are doing and follow it to be really up the minute with the modern fashion looks.

Clip in extensions differ in weight from two to eight inches and are linked to your personal hair by means of the little hairpiece clips which are linked onto the extensions. Each extension is linked to little parts of the normal hair, using the clips. You easily piece your hair horizontally and shatter the clips shut over your hair, only inder the part you made, close to the scalp. Be alert not to catch your scalp – this could be sore. The clip in hair extensions are perfect to wear day and night, but need to be deleted before going to sleep.

Here are some easy tips for attaching your clip on hair extensions:

  • Before fitting your extensions, make straight your own hair. You will get a strong blending of your own hair with the hair in the extensions.

  • Practice opening and finishing the snap clips on the hair extension. Use both your index fingers and thumbs, and apply firm force to the ends of the clip. Leave each one unlock so they will be ready for fitting your hair.

  • You might find it supports to lightly tease the underside of each part of your own hair before fitting the clips. This will support to provide a firmer grip on your hair.

  • Begin from the bottom of your head and work up towards the peak.

  • The higher lengths are best used for the back of the head and the little lengths are for the sides.

  • Carefully comb your own hair over the extensions and check there are no bumps or lumps.

  • After you have practised a few times you will be capable to fit your clip in hair extensions easily and quickly to make remarkable fashion looks and unique styles for a memorable occasion.




1/2 HEAD $125-$175
3/4 HEAD $175-$225
FULL HEAD $225-$275
1/2 HEAD $100-$150
3/4 HEAD $150-$200
FULL HEAD $200-$250
1/2 HEAD $75-$100
3/4 HEAD $100-$150
FULL HEAD $150-$200


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