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Blow Dry & Style


The idea of blow drying hair to bring out shape of cut created by a hair stylish had only becoming famous around the time I start my hairdressing carrier. At first the blow-dried trend were slow to take off and it was only the young and style who sported them. The as the common public became accustomed to the quick lines of the cut and neatness of the finished hair styles it marked the death-kneel not earning money and eventually closed. Delray Beach salon was taking the fashion globe by storm with his fully new geometric bob styles and within a few short years blow out hair was in and hairdressing salons were strong business. It was just like the industrial revaluation of the hair dressing trade. Blow out salon were getting customers to come into their premises 2 or even 3 times a week to keep blow dry hair styles in shape. Many of today’s famous salons name made their name on the back of that cut and blow dry business of that time.


Surprisingly it took a long time to enter the heads of hair product producer’s minds that they also could make a killing if they sold their blow dryers and blow hair products to the high street customers. Eventually the hair firms coped themselves on today blow-drying hair is the big way of styled into shape both at home and in the salon.


Brazilian Blowout


Nowadays, Brazilian Blowout Company has come up with a latest hair treatment that promises to give shiny, smooth, and fit hair that can be styled in any way straight or wavy or curled or any other easy way. Many of my clients who had had this treatment have gained a stunning change in the texture of the hair. Anyone with frizzy, damaged, or processed hair can undergo this treatment and it works in any kind of curly, coarse, fine and frizzy. It also works on hair that was colored, highlighted, permed and even on the hair extensions. After the treatment, you can expect a fully frizzy free hair that is shiny and smooth and easily manageable.


The stunning fact is that the treatment lasts for around 10-12 weeks if good care is taken. There is certain after care product that is needed to be used for long lasting of the treatment if you go after the after-care tips correctly, your hair will be shiny and smooth for as long as twelve weeks. Brazilian blowout hair treatment can be done in 1 or in multiple sessions and the outcome of the treatments in terms of effect on the hair and the number of weeks it lasts will depend on the number of sessions you get. There is no restriction on how many sessions of treatment can be done on your hair, but it is right to take a 15 days interval between sessions.


The process begins with washing your hair with some clarifying shampoo and then applying the polyester and nutrients system to the hair. The hair has to be dried and then straight ironed to seal in the solutions. After this, a hair conditioner is applied on the hair and blow dried again to done the process. All the items used in the Brazilian blowout treatment are fully secure and this treatment can be done in our salon in Delray Beach.


It is natural to match this action with Japanese hair straightening, but Japanese hair straightening really alters the natural formation of the hair and there will be big difference in look between the hair that has been done and the fresh hair.


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